Becoming a deployable member of our team means that you have committed yourself to becoming a skilled, effective searcher with a high level of professionalism.


Joining the Team

CMSART is always looking for new members. All it takes to get started is a love of the outdoors and the ability to learn some critical wilderness skills.

The New Member Training Cycle

Each year in Springtime, the team begins a new training cycle. New members are required to attend two weekend-long training events that form the core of their search and rescue training. After the initial training, new members participate in regular drills throughout the rest of the year, gaining the skills that will bring them up to the level of a NASAR-certified SARTECH II field searcher.

It Takes Dedication

Ensuring that our team members meet or exceed the SARTECH II standard is critical to the safety and effectiveness of our searches. Once you’ve started training with us, you’ll understand why you will need a full year of training before you can participate in a live search. In the meantime, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and work with others who have dedicated themselves to providing this invaluable public service.

Apply Online

In order to apply for membership in CMSART, you will need to fill out the application below. You will also need to bring printed, signed copies of these documents to your first training exercise:

To fill out this application.

  • Hit the Continue button at the bottom of the form to advance to the next page in the form.
  • Be prepared to make a $35 application fee via PayPal
  • Be sure to press the Submit button at the end!

The Application Form will be present when membership opens up again. Thanks for your interest in CMSART!